Sunday, May 3, 2009

Illustration Class Mondays 9am to 4pm - ( studying classic films )
These are examples of some of my students' work. Some drawings didn't have names on them, names and credits will be added soon.

Drawing from Film Class - We study classic and contemporary films to understand cinematography, lighting, shot construction, and film graphics. Students draw from specific sequences to build there design vocabulary. Films studied in class include Aliens, Pulp fiction, Psycho, Gladiator, Jaws, & many others. This same class was recently taught a Lucasfilm in Singapore & San Fransisco.

I believe inspiration comes from study. Artists are not meant to live in a vacuum, they need constant stimulus from the outside world. So I structure my classes around studying the master film makers, comic book artists, fine artists and sculptures from the past and present. None of the students are require to "perform" but to simple absorb. Then much later they will communicate with a greater knowledge base and vocabulary.